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Welcome !

My submission for Wowie 2.0 GameJam

It is a simple, nevertheless very unique platformer where you will find yourself developing a way to complete level using randomly selected blocks.

The collection of those will expand with your progression.

Mechanics that allow players to express their way of completing the game.

Estimated play time of this demo:   30 minutes.

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Music : https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/electronica

Install instructions

Unpack the file

Open the folder

Launch Bolty


BoltyGameJam.rar 31 MB


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The visuals and the audio were really outstanding.

I do generally like the idea of the game.
As for some feedbak I think that the changing platform mechanic is a bit unsatisfying because of it random nature.
Maybe you can find a way around this (have certain arreas for each platform type).

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Hi ! 

Thank you for your review !

I will continue my works on this game and I will try to make it a bit more satisfying.

I will publish a screen shots soon about the visuals you asked on here :)


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Cool concept!

I could not get through like the 3rd level, because you don't explain why the block turn red? Why do some go red and some white? Why can't I remove blocks I've placed down? How do I know if a block will be red or white?

Also you game page (here) is kind of hard to read because of the background.

But I like the graphics of the game! Very cool!

Hi !

I am very greatful for your feedback and I will make some changes to make it more obvious. However in the description I did mention : "you will find yourself developing a way to complete level using randomly selected blocks." I also realise this was hard to read for you thus you might have missed this.

Game Jam allows to work in teams and I would like to know what drives you to acussasion of not making this during the Jam.


The things that made me assume that it wasn't made during this Jam was:

  1.  That you've uploaded the game twice on your profile, that's kind of red flags for me.
  2. That you have a whole 30 minutes of playtime.
  3. That it looks pretty great in terms of graphics.

If you made this game during the Jam, then I sincerely apologize for my harsh accusation. I just couldn't see myself making a game with this scope in a short Game Jam.

But you have to admit that it's kind of weird to upload the same game twice?  But you're right, teams are definitely allowed! Good work!

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The idea behind uploading the game twice is that I really liked the game after playing it and thought I might be worth uploading on my profile. I should've uploaded it after the jam has finished.

The concept for this game was in my head for some time before the jam started and that gave me quite an advantage because it seemed like it suits the topic as well.

I understand you and I am to appologise for this inconvience.

WIsh You good luck on the Jam

About the graphics

It might look like plenty of work to achieve this sort of graphics but it is a simply tweaked particle system + post processing. 

Can you explain it in a bit more detail. I'd be courius to hear it.